A real test to see who stands by you in the face of distress

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in a subject that causes concern for some of us, as it constitutes a real part in our lives. Perhaps this part will be a true bond, and we will continue on a long, unending path. Despite the obstacles, you can continue the path, but what do you think if this part is the opposite of what you expect, i.e. when you want to communicate with This bond is not in the form that you would like it to be with you

In today's topic, we are talking about the companion of the path, meaning the friend, or rather the companion of the path or the companion, and vice versa here applies to the following: How will this friend that you want to be in an ideal form

Many reasons show you or this friend that you would like to continue the journey in your life that is full of surprises

With the passage of days and some time, you find that this friend you call is always to listen to you in problems and toil and find the appropriate solutions to get you out of this predicament that you are in and you want to get rid of

As you find this friend or the other, you find this bond in the most trivial of reasons. It may be a trivial reason for some and a great reason for you, but you find this friend toil and also find in helping you solve this problem

And you don't find him getting bored of you quickly, i.e. you find him always present to receive your calls with a smile, not anger, and he blames you for calling at the wrong time

And he is always happy to meet you, because he does not get tired of you, but rather wants the hour to last longer in order to stay with you

There are many reasons why this friend may or may not be a good fit for you

When you ask him in the simplest things, you always find him with excuses and reasons that remain unknown. He has no convincing reason

You also find that he does not answer your calls or when he finds the calls he does not call you back

He does not want to throw up with you, or rather you meet with him, but he soon finds him rushing to flee from you, due to his own circumstances without justifications

In the end, all these points are basic points, you will find the right companion, and you will find some big and broad points in this topic, but the most important points mentioned in this topic are indispensable

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