Learn Not To Wait For Someone To Come For You Because You Are Alone

Hello guys, this is a very sensitive topic, and this happened to me several times, and it still happens to me every time

After God Almighty, I have always aspired to a lot of hope when I want to find someone who tries to stand with me, even with a word, and I am not the kind who likes to stand beside them with money only, but on the contrary, I love that person who stands with you with the wonderful word because I am one of the people who likes to listen To the advice, for me it is a way that I can complete my way, as I would like to share all my possessions in this miserable life with its people

I do not love money as much as I love that God stands with me in my ordeal because I am in a lot of problems, but I have endured and endured and endured and I am still bearing not because I have feelings and not because I know how to go

I have a long and big path with many bumps, and I will be patient, and this is in order to please God first, then myself second, and make my life depend on them. On the contrary, I realized that I was not born for them, but for myself and how to please my Creator.

And you who think that your life stops with them, remember my words, you will not stop because of them, a mouth for themselves, they do not care, so how about you, continue to fight, let go of this heart that wants the opposite of what you want, because you are the one who decides and not who they are

From now on he will try and try until I reach what I want to achieve in my life. So if you think that life stops for you or continues with you, I will continue until I reach if God wills that only 

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