This Is How You Should Deal With A Young Child

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In our daily life, especially with the young child, we share with them every moment that passes us all the time. Some of them are easy to deal with the child and others are very difficult to deal with, and this may be due to the problem that occurs to him at work or with his friends, so we transfer these negatives to Child

First of all, remember that a young child does not understand the difficulties you suffer in your day. When he meets you when you enter with joy, this is for you to play with him and it may be difficult for you to play with him, and this is because you may be tired from his work or you are not in the mood to play or I have problems with your closest or One of the things that makes you think negatively is that the child who is waiting for you to play with him does not understand all of these things that happen to you

So you have to obey him and you may say how can I obey him and play with him and I tell you when he started playing with him you find yourself getting out of the pressure circle that you are in and gradually forgetting and becoming you who want to continue playing and not him

That the child loves to play only because his mind does not have any problems or something that may disturb his mood, so you will find him always wanting to play, eat and sleep only, and if you compare yourself with him, you will find that you are the one who falls on everything and not him, so what is the fault of this little child from everything that happens to you in your daily life

These were the most prominent solutions that may help you in how to deal with this small child when you need great psychological comfort and psychological comfort for your child, but you are not working

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