A reality competition program inspired by the series [Squid Game] on reality under the title THE CHALLENGE

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Reality quiz show inspired by [ Squid Game ]

After the great success of the Squid Game series, where did it attract young and old to watch it, and a few months after the Netflix package announced its preparation for a second part of the Squid Game, here it is again causing a heavy-caliber surprise on the ground

From option to reality

From fiction, or rather from behind the screens to reality, Netflix is ​​moving to embody the Squid Game series into reality, and this will be a simulation of it

Grants and bonuses

And some social media stated that the grants that will be through the Squid game will carry 456 players, in addition to 4.56 million dollars, and the game will be called [SQUID GAME: THE CHALLENGE]

 Inspired by the series

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