This is how you should take care of the skin in the summe

 This is how you should take care of the skin in the summe

With the beginning of the summer season, everyone turns to the summer season, and the temperatures are very high in the summer, and here the woman begins to look at how to preserve her skin, especially the face and hands.

There are ways that you must follow to protect people from them

cleaning the face

With the hot weather in the summer, the face is exposed to dryness, so you must wash it several times a day, and this is to keep it from drying out in the heat.

Use of cream

You should also use a cream and this is in order to maintain the dryness of the skin, but you should not use any cream, but it may increase the dryness of the skin and lead to major complications on the skin, but it is recommended to consult specialized doctors to solve this cream

Sitting in the shade

Which also helps to preserve the skin, especially here the face, which is sitting in places under the shade, as if you were, for example, in nature, so sitting under the tree.

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